Thursday, July 9, 2009

Food on the run

I learned early on that to be successful on this food programme I needed to eat the right food at the right time - no matter where I was (or am as I still do this!).

So, if that means I am going to be out and about during the day, I take my food with me. Depending on the length of time I am going to be away from home that might mean I make my lunch and take it or just bring the right snacks.

I felt a bit silly the first few times I showed up at friends' houses with my chilly bin full of food, but you know what? Once I explained to them what I was doing they didn't care! And when it was time for me to eat, I'd just say, "Sorry, I have to eat my lunch now." And that was fine with them too.

Now it's a habit for me to take food with me just about every time I go out. I take notice of what time I had breakfast and figure out where I be in three hours when I need to eat again. Then I toss my snacks in my bag. It could be as simple as an apple and some almonds or it might mean I take a little container of cottage cheese and spoon and put it in a chilly pack. Because I do this all the time, I have my chilly packs ready to go.

If I have my food with me, I am guaranteed to stay on the programme.

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