Saturday, July 11, 2009

Keeping the fires stoked - eating every 3 hours

Before I started on this nutrition programme, I never really thought about how much time elapsed between meals or snacks. I would eat my breakfast, and when I got hungry again I would have my lunch. Seemed simple enough.

However, I learned one very important aspect of keeping your metabolism running well is to keep the fires stoked and eat every three to three-and-a-half hours. By feeding the body this often, it is happy letting go of excess fat. Skipping meals encourages the body to 'think', "Hmmm, we're not getting fed. Better hang on to some fat just in case."

When I first started my nutrition programme, I wasn't hungry every three hours. Even for someone like me who looooves to eat, it seemed liked a chore to eat that often and when I didn't even have an appetite! But I stuck to it and not only did the weight easily drop off, but my body got into the swing of things and within a few weeks I *was* getting hungry every three hours. Now eating this often is a habit - it's easy to do at home or even if I'm on the run, I always take my snacks with me.

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