Saturday, July 11, 2009

Low-carb dinner challenges

One of the keys for me to lose fat and keep it off is to eat only a small amount of carbohydrates at my evening meal and for dessert. My body isn't using them for energy at this time of day and those carb calories just get stored as fat. So, that means no carb-dense foods for dinner such as sweet potato, rice, pasta, bread, or potatoes.

Eliminating these types of carbs is actually quite easy ... we just have evening meals of protein and vegetables. It's great in summer - we have plenty of steaks and lamb chops on the barbecue with a salad on the side. Even in winter it is simple - a lamb roast with steamed vegies, fish and vegies and even crustless quiche and vegies!

The challenge with low-carb dinners is when I'm looking for some new inspiration ... I leaf through cookbooks and my favourite cooking magazine, Taste. There are actually very, very few recipes that do not have carbs included. So, I adapt recipes to become no/low-carb. Sometimes a recipe just serves as inspiration; my version turns out completely different, but we get to try some new flavours in our meals.

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