Friday, July 3, 2009

My Nutritionist, Ginny McArthur

I clearly remember the day my dear friend Carol phoned me up and exclaimed: "I have found GOLD!"
She was talking about a nutritionist she had started seeing ... and as a result of following her programme she was losing weight - easily.

Hmmm, was my response. I was sceptical. It sounded too easy but something in me got excited. I mean this was Carol, my weight-loss buddy. We had been comparing fat rolls, diets and exercise for the past few years. And if Carol said she'd found GOLD, well then, this nutritionist might just be the real thing.

A few days later I visited Carol and she showed me her food programme written out by nutritionist, Ginny. I skimmed it over, still a bit dubious. Ah, some salad with your lunch, "I bet you don't get to have salad dressing," I pointed out. "Yes, I do. Low fat." Hmmm. I looked further, all the food seemed so sensible. She even got to have dessert! Fruit and yogurt, but still, it was dessert!

I made my appointment with the Food Guru, Ginny McArthur, of Outlook For Life in Pukekohe, Auckland.

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