Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stevia - the natural sweetener

My favourite breakfast is natural, unflavoured yogurt with rolled oats and a banana. I pour boiling water over the oats so they get nice and soft and mix in my yogurt. Only problem is that I find the yogurt mouth-puckeringly sour!

During one of my check-ins with Ginny, she discovered I was using a teaspoon of sugar to sweeten my tart yogurt. A teaspoon of sugar is only 16 calories, she told me, but even that small amount of sugar is stopping the fat-burning process which is still carrying on from your night's sleep. (I just love it that I am burning fat while I am sleeping!) She said any kind of simple sugar will halt the morning's fat burning - honey, brown sugar, syrup etc.

She knows I don't like fake foods including artificial sweeteners, so she recommended Stevia, the natural sweetener derived from the Stevia plant. It has 300 times the sweetness of sugar, no calories and negligible effect on blood glucose - it does not stop the night's fat burning process.

I buy the liquid form. It only takes about 5 drops on my yogurt to transform it from tart to pleasantly palatable.

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